How a visionary Interactive Technology company has been super charged for future sustainable growth

Matt Garman
7 Jul, 2021

Find out how a visionary CEO used SalesEnabla’s consultancy expertise and digital sales enablement platform to:

  • Build a self-sufficient sales and marketing department from scratch
  • Create a dynamic sales function that relives the pressure and reliance on the Founder to drive business forward
  • Delivered a framework and strategy to support the doubling of the company every 3 years

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The Company 

Josh Bunce is the CEO and Founder of an audio-visual technology’s business, Inurface Media group based in London. As a CEO, Josh has been working with iconic global brands from Boohoo, Kylie Jenner and Gucci, to Sports Direct and Nike. Inurface connect brands to their consumers using audio visual and interactive experiences, and are changing the shape of the retail industry. By bringing physical spaces into the digital world and capturing audience attention, Inurface elevate brands.

The Challenge

Josh’s sales function lacked stability. He explained:
“We tried many times to scale the sales function. The new sales hires were never successful and the pressure came back to the CEO. Matt opened our eyes to a different way of working, which was building a sales and marketing function from the ground up, getting away from expensive hires, showing us what good looks like, and bringing in young talented individuals to action the strategy and develop it further.”

“As a CEO, I had never grown a sales team. So, we started with a strategy, created a clear job description for both sales and marketing and developed a plan to keep people engaged and energised and achieve a 360-degree sales person.”
Josh and his team previously tried hiring experienced sales people through new recruits, but this was costly. Then they learned about Matt and their SalesEnabla approach.

Josh explained:
“I came across SalesEnabla through our coaching company Edgesmiths. The idea of working with Matt and using his methodology just made sense, so I booked a meeting and a demo to see how their platform works and discussed a 6-month consultancy plan.”
“Ultimately, I was looking for a solution that gave my sales team structure, a career pathway moving forward, and accountability.”

The Solution

Josh signed up with SalesEnabla and very quickly saw the benefit of the consulting paired with the platform. The 1-2-1 mentoring sessions helped his team get the clarity they needed.
“What I really like about SalesEnabla is that it gives me and my team a clear direction, the correct information to work with, topped off with our new sales and marketing resources being easily documented in the SalesEnabla platform. It makes it simpler for team collaboration and everyone to be on the same page.”

The Results

Since starting with SalesEnabla, Josh and his team have a clearly defined sales function that enabled them to achieve significant growth, even through the pandemic.
“Our sales team is strong and getting stronger, and our processes are now defined. A robust foundation has been created for us to scale the company at a faster rate”.

“Growing your business is all about having the desire to do it, knowing what kind of business you want, and how much money you want to make. Often, you need to work with someone to help you on that journey and achieve the results you want.”