The World’s first technology driven Sales Consultancy Franchise

Matt Garman
19 Mar, 2021

SalesEnabla are excited to announce the launch of the world’s first technology driven sales consultancy franchise. With some traditional sales consultancies often stumbling to turn their work into tangible results, the SalesEnabla Franchise uses a ground breaking sales enablement platform to immediately showcase value to their clients. Leveraging over 30 years of sales industry knowledge and experience, provides motivated and ambitious sales consultants with everything they need to set up their own successful sales consultancy.

Launching simultaneously in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the SalesEnabla Franchise welcomes all business professionals and motivated sales individuals who want to work closely with clients, conduct sales consultancy workshops to streamline the strategies needed to protect businesses from stalled growth and unmotivated sales staff. The SalesEnabla Franchise helps businesses grow their sales and profits with minimal risk, by giving them the opportunity to develop and enhance the sales function and safeguard sales experience in an easy, cost effective way.

Given the current economic climate, Matt Garman, Founder of SalesEnabla states: ‘We need to make sure people have the opportunity to get back to business as fast and as risk free as possible. To do this, I think we all need to get a better control of our work/life balance. I created the SalesEnabla Franchise to make this possible. Access our success and experience while demonstrating instant credibility to your clients by using our sales enablement platform.’

The SalesEnabla platform has grown to be a vital resource to many businesses outside of the Franchise model. Because it’s an online, dynamic system, it always reflects the current state of the client’s business, helping to deliver consistent, sustainable results every time. And thus, become embedded within sales training programmes delivered by large and small organisations who have become a step ahead in providing their employees with sales best practice throughout their career. It’s simple, it’s smart, it’s completely customisable, and as a Franchisee it’s yours, because your success is our success.

Unlike many sales consultancies, SalesEnabla allows our Franchisees to easily mirror their clients sales processes within a live digital environment for everyone to share and collaborate. The ability to work with clients, track their progress and sales team engagement by simply viewing their activity. This is one step in the development of building successful sales consistency.

For further information, download the Franchise Prospectus.