Professional Sales – contradiction in terms?

Matt Garman
9 Dec, 2019

How many of us are proud to respond: ‘I’m in Sales’ when asked: ‘So, what do you do?’  And why is it that sales is perceived to be of significantly less value than most other professions?  Profession, I can almost hear the sniggering at that description, but yes, it is a profession.

Surrounded by fake news and communicators at the highest level failing to tell us the actual truth, the way we engage with the world is changing.  Many of us buy online, making the decision to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds on what smart marketers are presenting to us. Cutting out the sales person is seen to be a quicker and more efficient way to get to the truth of what we’re buying, but is it?

Winston Churchill said: ‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Often the result of bypassing the sales person is that we diagnose our own need and buy the closest online solution. We become the expert and we choose whatever is the best match.  When the product doesn’t quite fit what we wanted we put it to one side or use it anyway and the next time we need something…we do the same thing.  Cutting out the sales person may be quicker, it may be cheaper initially, but if what we buy ultimately isn’t right, don’t we want to speak to an expert who will know about solutions that may not be available online?

Smart businesses are starting to recognise the need for thorough onboarding for new starters.  Setting their sales people up for success with good product training, a sales structure that helps them navigate their way from first contact to closing the sale and collaboration tools to create a positive culture.  Sharing experiences in the sales team and good case studies, outlining great wins, are an essential part of creating a motivated sales team.

The safety and security you feel when you have a positive experience with a sales person who provides the solution you need, beats frustrating hours of anxiety searching online every time.

Professional Sales is an achievable goal for every business.  A well trained, motivated sales team is the key to sustainable growth and profit.  Make sure your sales team know everything you need them to know and implement a good sales methodology. Get serious about creating a winning sales team.

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